01 Cannon Futon Factory
02 Berol House
03 Keep Out Limited
04 Ice World
05 Ashley House
06 Cannon Street Jersey Fabrics
07 Vacant Unit


Ownership of the existing site

Buildings 02, 03, 04, 06 and 07 are controlled by Berkeley Square Developments, who are working with Notting Hill Housing, the owners of buildings 01 and 05, to establish a comprehensive redevelopment of the Ashley Road area.
The retention and refurbishment of Berol House (Building 02) will be at the heart of the new development, and provide a historical reference to the previous industrial nature of this area.  The remaining existing buildings will be cleared to enable exciting and new designs and quality of accommodation to be delivered across this 2.7 hectare site.


A) Tottenham Hale Train and Bus Station

• Main transport hub • New Bus station • Very good connectivity • Regeneration planned


B) Hale Village

• 12 Storey buildings • Mix of homes • NHS clinic • Local Supermarket/24 hour gym


C) Park View Road

• Two/three-storey Victorian and Edwardian terraced housing • Traditional Street pattern • Overlooking Down Lane Park


D) Berol House

• Early 20th Century Factory • Important heritage asset • Existing workspace


E) Down Lane Park

• A well-used local facility • Important green space in Tottenham • Popular pedestrian route to Tottenham Hale transport hub • Open green space, sports courts, nursery, play area, BMX track, bowling green